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Офисный сотрудник, переводчик в Туркменбашах

ищу работу в Туркменбашах, Ашхабаде, Балканабате, Хазаре, 2 500 ман.
ФИО скрыто 29 лет, Туркменбаши, среднее-специальное образование
Контакты скрыты

Опыт работы

Mass Choreo assistant/interpreter
4 мес май 2017 - сен 2017
Balich worldwide shows, Ashgabat
4 мес май 2017 - сен 2017
The main interpreter on opening and closing ceremonies of 5th Asian Indoor Martial Art Games 2017 in Ashgabat. Has done 7 show segments from 14 on opening ceremony. Assist the director of concert part and helped to manage the concert with famous stars on closing ceremony.
Accountant cashier
4 года 8 мес июн 2013 - фев 2018
Folklore ethnographic studio of Ministry of Energy of Turkmenistan, Ashgabat
4 года 8 мес июн 2013 - фев 2018
Deliver stuff's salary and handle all paperwork necessary for payments.
Head secretary
2 года 5 мес сен 2009 - фев 2012
Institute of strategic planning and economic development of turkmenistan, Ashgabat
2 года 5 мес сен 2009 - фев 2012
Answer and make the phone calls to arrange meetings and planning boss's daily activities. Send and recieve letters to various ministries, organizations and enterprises. Also arrange meetings with official authorities.
2011 year - Assistant of Alexei Tikhomirov – Deputy Director, Economic Affairs Officer of the Department of International Economic and Social Affairs UN/DIESA

Среднее-специальное образование

Professional school #4, Ashgabat
Computer operator, English
9 мес сен 2008 - июн 2009

Знание языков

Туркменский - свободно, Русский - базовый, Английский - свободно, Испанский - средний

Дополнительная информация

Strong administrative and organizational skills.
Work effectively both as team member and independently.
Excellent written and verbal communication skills.
Enthusiastic and committed.
Successful interaction with others in the work place.
Completion assignments well and on time.
Fast learning.
Hobbies: Learning and mastering foreign languages, painting in room, dancing, photographing people and objects and editing them using various programs such as photoshop.
Handmading. Interested in and studying child psychology.

Номер резюме: 790
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